Spray Drone Terrain Following w/ LIDAR

This is our 6 gallon spray drone equipped with a single pulsed LIDAR for terrain following. With centimeter level accuracy, the drone adjusts its altitude based on the elevation changes …

Drone Spot Spraying

Spot spraying some rogue vegetation with our Stark Hx8 AG sprayer prototype!  

Stark HX8 AG Spray Drone

Doing flight maneuvers at a governed 4.5 mph (spray speed required for 5 gallon/acre coverage).

Sprayer Drone Swath Test (25′)

This is a bird’s eye view of Harris Aerial’s Stark Hx8 heavy-lift drone with their prototype 6.5 gallon spray system. Putting out a swath up to 25 feet, there is …

Sprayer Drone in Action!

This is our prototype sprayer drone in action on the swamps of Georgia. With a 25 foot swatch, this solution is unbeatable!